Second Webinar

Thursday, October 15, 2020

While the whole scope of the negative economic and social implications of Covid-19 is not totally grasped yet. and, in face of the unique challenges facing Arab countries, and in response to the hopes and ambitions of the people in the Arab region, this webinar aimed at posing necessary questions and seeking innovative answer, with the ultimate goal of supporting the achievement of the sustainable development agenda and its promise of leaving no one behind.


Watch the webinar:

Introduction (Hoda Rashad)

Keynote Speaker (Nada Al-Agizy)


Author of Regional Report (Rajae El-Aouda)

Intervention (Ibrahim AlBadawey)


Intervention (Iman Nuwayhhid)

General Comments


Concept Note (EN, ع)


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Health-related SDGs progress in selected Arab Countries( Rajae EL AOUAD, Abdelilah El Marnissi) (EN,ع)

What policies are needed or possible in the current  geopolitical context of the Arab Region(Iman Nuwayhid) (EN,ع)