Thursday, May 6, 2021

Webinar organized by

The Italian Gender Medicine Network

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) led to about 6.5 million confirmed cases causing almost 400,000 related deaths worldwide. COVID-19 is mainly characterized by a lethal severe acute respiratory syndrome, but a number of additional clinical manifestations has been described, such as severe lymphopenia and eosinopenia, extensive pneumonia, a “cytokine storm” leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome, endothelitis, thrombo-embolic complications and multiorgan failure. Moreover, a series of long lasting symptoms have been observed in the post-COVID patients, a syndrome called Long COVID.
In the last months, research studies gained several novel insights as concerns SARS-Cov-2 mechanisms of infection and spreading paralleled by studies on vaccines and specific drugs. However, a surprising scenario is now emerging from these studies: a significant difference between women and men in the lethality of this infection, higher in men, and in the post-COVID syndrome, likely higher in fertile women.
This webinar, organized by the Italian Gender Medicine Network and under the auspices of the International Gender Medicine Society, would tackle these open questions. The Italian Journal of Gender Specific Medicine (www.gendermedjournal.it) will participate contributing to the spreading of the scientific results of the webinar. A series of lectures, specifically devoted to the dissection of this matter, will offer a deeper
analysis of features and mechanisms underlying the observed sex/gender disparity in order to pull on board different scientific skills and viewpoints.

The registration is free of charge, but it is mandatory in order to participate.

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The Registration deadline is: April 30th, 2021.